Bringing together the best in ‘people’ and ‘purpose’ strategies to maximise your organisational performance

Humanex (formally Partners & Co) was created from the idea of wanting to make a positive change to socially responsible organisations and their employees.

We set out to make professional advice and guidance available to all types of organisations, SME’s corporate and Not for Profit enterprises. We believe that every company, no matter its size, can develop and grow their business through effective People, Purpose and Performance strategies.

Empathy is one of the core tenants of how we operate here at Humanex. We understand the frustrations, headaches and pain points in a business and love nothing more than to take that away from them through the services we offer. We are honest and forthright; we only want the best for our clients and our team. Trust is at the heart of all we do.

We also want to make a positive difference to our communities through Business for Good initiatives; we are strongly focused on driving positive social impact and we love the way purpose initiatives can enhance overall organisational performance.

Not afraid of a good laugh, we welcome all to come to have a chat with us over coffee or on the phone, we are here to help to take away the stress and hassle of complex business problems so you can focus on running your business. We want to ensure that business owners can sleep well knowing all their HR documentation and processes are legally sound.

Our highly experienced and skilled team of executives, facilitator’s and HR professionals are committed to helping organisations achieve success through improving culture and strategy.

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Over the past fifteen years, my passion has been working with organisations to support them achieve their goals and aspirations, specifically focusing on their people to create happy and healthy workplaces. From developing strategic business plans, coaching and planning, delivering leadership and development modules to achieve desired objectives and create a company culture they are proud of.

I have worked across multiple industries from FMCG, public and private health and professional services across the globe including the UK, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

When I’m not working, I’m spending time with our 3 children, mostly as peace keeper and negotiator and try to spend as much time with them outside in our beautiful country.

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I have over 20 years’ experience working in complex service delivery and solution design organisations across both commercial and not for profit enterprises. I have a strong focus on strategic development and business transformation, and I am passionate about purposeful and measurable change.

I am experienced in setting and delivering strategic growth objectives with a keen interest in evaluating complex multi stakeholder issues. I have been fortunate enough to work in a range of diverse sectors and including international logistics, travel and tourism, event management, FMCG and professional services both here in New Zealand and Australia.

I have a sound understanding of Board Governance obligations and fiduciary responsibility and have direct Board room experience as both a Chief Executive and Director.

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, in particular socialising over good food. After hours I am typically with my two daughters, binge watching decent Netflix thrillers, or getting outdoors.  I also try hard to make time to read, write and paint.


Head of Customer Experience

Coming from a strong background in operations, account management and events, I understand the importance of delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Committed to engaging in work with a purpose, I have many years’ experience in roles that provided both professional and community services, with a focus on making a difference to people’s lives. From heading Operations in a Business Coaching Company, to Managing a NFP organisation, team and volunteers, my experience has taught me plenty about people, processes, and purpose.

Project based work is my passion, in particular budgeting, implementation, systems, and automation, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness from engagement to completion.

Living on a lifestyle block with 2 busy football teens has me juggling gardening, drenching, driving, side-line cheering and producing copious amounts of continuous food for all.


HR Business Partner / Instructor

I have 20 years’ experience working in HR both in the UK and New Zealand and across a broad range of large and small businesses within the private and public sectors and a passion for organisational culture, wellbeing, and leadership.

My focus is on coaching and enabling businesses to engage and empower their people to thrive and grow, delivering both a great employee experience as well as increased bottom line results, and I have a strong background in facilitation and delivery of workshops and programmes designed to provide the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to support this.

I am a certified Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa Instructor and a qualified Certified Practitioner in Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), both of which support and enable people and businesses to thrive in today’s complex and uncertain world.
In my spare time I provide a comprehensive children’s taxi service and enjoy hanging out with my family, fitness and trying to master the art of Pilates.


Facilitator / Instructor

I have been working in the MHFA space for the last 7 years. Starting as a mental health first aider, before upskilling to become an instructor.

My main goal is to have at least one mental health first aider in every family across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Using my lived experience with depression and anxiety, I found myself working for the Counties Manukau DHB, facilitating MHFA workshops and helping to share knowledge and increase awareness about mental health and mental health first aid. I have also spent time working for Lifeline as their National Trainer.

On my days off, you will find me swimming or running and hanging out with friends and family to relax.


Facilitator / Instructor

I am a qualified Occupational Health & Safety nurse with of over 25 years’ experience and a seasoned facilitator of over 20 years. I am well versed in training people from a variety of backgrounds including healthcare, professional services and manufacturing.

My focus and dedication is making a positive difference to people’s lives through training people to become a Mental Health First Aider in Aotearoa.
In my spare time I love travelling with my husband and our dogs around New Zealand.

We are experts at delivering results

Are you looking for outstanding services that will take your business to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have crafted a range of services that will enable your business achieve success. Whether you want to up-skill your people, update your HR documentation, develop a new business strategy, or create an Employer of choice brand. If it’s people, purpose or performance orientated…

If you are looking for some highly engaged people, knowledgeable and great to work with, I totally recommend working with Partners and Co. Lindsey’s passion and results-driven approach are a great mixture, which always leaves me feeling empowered and energised.

Geoffrey Campbell

The WHY Marketing

If you are looking for some highly engaged people, knowledgeable and great to work with, I totally recommend working with Partners and Co. Lindsey’s passion and results-driven approach are a great mixture, which always leaves me feeling empowered and energised.

Geoffrey Campbell

The WHY Marketing

The mental health first aid course was extremely valuable for both myself and those around me and I would strongly recommend to all who are interested in their health.  

Lindsey and Helen from Humanex delivered the content and facilitated the questions, discussions and emotions with professionalism, expertise and compassion. The blended delivery methods ensued that it was engaging and effective in gaining and supporting retention of the information. The combination of Helen as a nurse and Lindsey as a master facilitator covers all aspects needed from delivering on course outcomes to supporting each individual where needed. As a previous HR professional for 20 years in small and large corporates, a small business owner, an executive coach and someone who has experienced my own challenges with mental health, I am excited to see this course from Humanex getting greater traction and interest. It can be a life saver.

Rose Hewitt