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Bespoke Solutions

Add Counting on U to your organisation’s toolkit for optimising workplace mental health.

As a workplace mental health resource, CoU modules are scalable across industries and organisational sizes. 

The skills, knowledge and confidence gained by CoU participants are relevant to most professionals in a client-facing role and not limited to the finance sector. For example, RBT and MHFA™ skills may apply to lawyers providing legal advice to clients, academics or teachers supporting students, and HR/Marketing/IT/Management professionals providing consultancy services to business clients. 

Our bespoke CoU programs can be tailored to:

  • Specific audiences: teams within your business, people leaders, or all client-facing employees; custom-designed versions tailored to specific industries and more.
  • Different delivery modes: digital/self-learn online versions, in-house or face-to-face workshops, short/Executive versions, blended and custom-designed.
  • Organisational imperatives: such as leadership development, stress management, developing and maintaining a culture of wellbeing.

How we work

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Counting on U business solutions are developed and delivered by HumanEx as Deakin Business School’s licensed training delivery partner. We work off evidence-based frameworks and closely collaborate with Deakin’s team of researchers and implementation scientists.

What to Expect


Step 1

After receiving your query, we’ll set up a complimentary fact-finding meeting to discuss your requirements, pain points, and specific business context.


Step 2

We deliver a proposal with a solution addressing your specific needs


Step 3

At this point, you’ll meet with our team to discuss the proposal and finalise details


Step 4

We commence the design and delivery of a custom solution

HumanEx has decades of experience servicing the business needs of clients. We have significant expertise in workplace mental health and well-being training and management. Please get in touch to discuss CoU business solutions using the details below:

The HumanEx

Email :

Phone : 0800 408 136