Kick start your bespoke journey of workplace wellbeing and success.

Why Choose HumanEx?

We have spades of passion, enthusiasm and, with a combined 25 years of experience in supporting business leaders, we have your back to support you on your journey. We are your trusted advisor, your sounding board, and your culture queen all rolled into one.

We are dedicated to help businesses of all sizes define, refine and grow. From SME’s to nationwide franchises, our expert team is here to support you across a spectrum of services while you can focus on your areas of strength.

Whether you need business coaching to keep you accountable for your objectives, an all-encompassing outsourced HR solution, access to HR advice when you need it or support recruiting your next superstar, we offer industry-leading expert services that you and your business can depend on.

It is no hidden secret that you and your people are your biggest asset, therefore developing yourself and your people is key to your overall success. This is where we come in to create an employer brand culture you and your people are proud of.


People are our passion!

From HR and Change Management to Culture Transformation and Workplace Wellbeing, we provide industry-leading people strategies and services to start-ups, small to medium businesses and large organisations. We have experience working with clients across different industries and have not yet come across a human resource, workplace culture or change management problem that we could not solve. We can work with you from early development stages through to delivery to ensure the attainment of best-in-class outcomes and compliance with New Zealand governing law. Contact us to find out how the right people really can be your biggest asset.


Already have the right people and culture? Get ready to launch!

HumanEx can help organisations obtain optimal performance and wellness strategies that can be applied effectively in real life work environments. We look inside your business to find the right way to increase employee engagement. We give you the plans and systems for employee health and wellness that enable your organisational culture and teams to flourish. Contact us to find out how to make the most of and give the most to your most important asset.


Put your business on the fast track to success.

Human Ex can give you the competitive edge by developing strategies that allow your organisation to flex and scale. We work in partnership with our clients to garner a thorough understanding of current business models and objectives. We extract thoughts, ideas, aspirations and goals that have been whirling around and turn the ideas into an actionable plan. We then continue to support your organisation’s vision and mission through monthly coaching sessions to keep stakeholders accountable for their actions and objectives.


Looking for a more meaningful way to run your business?

HumanEx also works with businesses to achieve more engaging and results driven ‘business for good’ initiatives. These services include strategic alignment with the not for profit sector, development of impact focussed services that improve the lives of New Zealanders, and social enterprise initiatives that deliver profitable and purposeful results. Work with us to better understand how your organisation can achieve visible social impact through new and existing business channels.


We support your growth.

We understand that by focusing on People and Purpose, organisations are more likely to achieve greater Performance. To support organisations on their pathway to success, HumanEx offers a suite of Leadership and Development courses designed to further stimulate success. Our courses can be tailored for individuals or teams and are aligned to our values of cultivating positive and productive workplace cultures. We offer monthly coaching sessions to assist senior managers and leaders in their pursuit of greater performance. These sessions include maintaining momentum with defined people and purpose strategies. Monthly coaching can also include executive advisory services for the measurement and reporting of performance outcomes which can be used for ongoing strategy development and planning. Get in contact for more information on how we can support your growth.


Performing well but unsure of impact?

At HumanEx we believe impact and performance reporting is vital to developing ongoing business strategies, after all, the results feed back into future planning. To close the loop on your growth strategies and ensure ongoing success, we can define and report on your business impact across the valuable key metrics of people, purpose and profit. Clarity in these performance areas will guide decision making and assist you in future business planning activities and strategy development. For more information, get in touch.